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All About This Company

For years, organizations across the nation have raised much-needed funds with promotional sales campaigns. Traditionally, such sales have been conducted face-to-face which limited sales to those nearby. extends the reach of fundraising program participants to anyone who has an Internet connected computer. It is a safe, easy way to enable supporters to make purchases that generate funds for the organization. Importantly, upon registration, each Participant receives a unique Participant ID which they may easily distribute, and which ties sales made at this website to the proper Organization fundraising program, and participant.

How Does it Work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Program Participants (or Parent or Guardian if under 18) register at where they identify the Fundraising Program ID and other information minimally necessary to track sales.

2) Participants send emails to family or friends with a unique link back to that ensures the organization and participant receive proper credit.

3) Family and Friends follow the link to shop at, pay with Master Card or Visa, and have the product shipped directly to their door. These sales are automatically credited to the organization and unique participant.

About Registration

Participants of fundraising programs are asked to register to receive a unique Participant ID. If a participant is not 18 years old, we ask that a parent or guardian register on his or her behalf. Each participant must be registered separately to receive proper credit. Please register here if you have not registered already.

About Security

The entire website is secured with GeoTrust 128-bit SSL encryption certificates offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure. Credit Card transactions are processed during the checkout process through our merchant gateway, Electronic Clearing House, Inc. For your security, stores only the last 4 digits your full credit card. We store this information only to help you identify which account you used should you request a return or credit.

About Privacy respects your privacy. The Participant registration process only collects the minimal amount of information necessary to ensure proper credit to the organization and Participant. We do ask for a legitimate email address upon registration so that we may email you a record of your registration with your ID and password. We also use this email address to help you retrieve your password should you forget it. We provide tools to enable Participants to send an announcement email to friends and family using your OWN email client; we will never know the email addresses to which you have sent announcement emails. The information we collect is NEVER sold to any outside party and is routinely destroyed within 60 days of program end. Read our complete Privacy Statement.